Plan Smart When You Go for a Motorcycle Trip

No doubt getting on your bike and traveling across the state can be fun. Put in very cheap gas and go out to places people wouldn’t believe you went to. Its the weekend and where you can go on a low gas vehicle is endless. That all sounds fun until you realize you need to eat and stop at places. You also got to have somewhere to sleep in case you want to head out for days. Realistically, you looking at two days of night riding. Let’s be honest, you only have the weekend to do your little road trip. So, you need to be prepared for two days. Luckily, its really not that hard to do that. I want to show you some things I learned on my last bike riding trip and hopefully you can get an idea for next weekend bike ride.

Wear a Helmet That is Safe


Wear a helmet when you are on that road. I know you want to feel the wind blow through your hair and hear the women scream your name. But, please wear a helmet man. That includes woman who happens to ride on weekends too. Find the best helmet for motorcycle while your at it. Helmets do a good job of keeping your head safe when you flip. The odds of you flipping in the city might be less because their cops around. Wait when you get in those country parts. Trucks and wild man do things that are very unspeakable. They could very well ride up against your and make you fall off your bike. Some men have no care in the world and go well over 100 miles in country areas. Wear a safe and strong helmet that can keep you safe for bike falls. It will matter one day when your stuck on the road and you need to go to hospital.

Save Up for Food Trips and Hotels

As you travel on the road, your going to get hungry and sleepy. Save money to perform the duty. Can’t just go riding off on the road with no cash.You could save one of your pay checks or save up for months in advance. Don’t do this at the last minute. You might end up having to sell the best motorcycle helmet for motorcycle you got now. Then, beg people for food and look like your desperate. Some people will be nice about that and others will give you the rude awakening of a boot. Also, don’t assume a couple dollars is going to get you something to eat. Save up atleast 300 bucks for the whole event. That should last you 1 day of rest and 2 days of food. Bring more food with you if you feel you need more. Some snacks would be good. All in all, make sure you got the cash to last you two whole days.

 Attach Storage Items to Side of Bike

The last thing you need on your bike is storage boxes on the side. You only need about two. One if you are low on money. About 2 storage boxes should be enough for you to put snacks you bought form the gas station and other things you found for the trip. Also, you can prevent the need of carrying a book bag. I like carrying book bags, but not for long trips. Put your tooth brush and deodorant in the box compartments. It feels little weird at first. But, you will get use to it as time goes by. As for clothes, well you can wear the same pants and switch out your shirts. That is what I do. Put the extra shirt in the box and just wear it tomorrow. Nobody will notice and if somebody does so what. You don’t want to carry that annoying book bad again right.

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