Pregnancy is involved with two lives of mother and child so have to be very careful at this time. During pregnancy time it brings many challenges, so you need to be more attentive and have to face off them carefully. Every woman should take care of themselves more during the pregnancy period than normal days. While being pregnant there will be some change in the body and mainly the hormone levels and blood were increased at that time. Also the skin will become more sensitive than before. It is necessary to provide a good care to the skin during pregnancy to avoid the skin problems and to stay out of other risks as well.

Providing a good care to the skin when pregnant is very important and adding moisturizer and sun protection to the skin care routine will be beneficial. Some may threaten you in the form of advice as not to get sun exposure while pregnant but the truth is getting sunlight during pregnancy is good for both mother and child. Yet sun exposure is required during pregnancy have to take the precautions before staying under the sun as to be on safer side. Making use of the best pregnancy sunscreen will help to protect from the risks of sun exposure so can stay safe under sunlight.

Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy sunscreen helps to be safe under sun exposure

During pregnancy will be undergoing many things as to provide a good care to the baby growing inside. While pregnant getting the exposure of sun is necessary whereas some use to say should not stay under sun when pregnant but the fact is sun exposure is needed during pregnancy. Sunlight is being a vital source of vitamin D and by standing under the sun can get the essential amount of vitamin D required during pregnancy. Also the sunlight helps in the fetus bone creation and it improves the immunity level of both baby and mother.

Likewise there are many benefits can gained from sun exposure at the time of pregnancy. Even there are advantages still some risks also exist. The skin will be more sensitive when pregnant so should be under the sun exposure for a while not for long time. The UV rays can cause some damage to the skin and even they can penetrate through the skin and affect the fetus also. To avoid such risks make use of best pregnancy sunscreen while under the sun exposure. Pregnancy sunscreen will act as a protective layer to the skin which allows to get the sunlight safely and blocks the harmful rays.

Using sunscreen is important on pregnancy days

  • In the pregnancy period, there will be changes in the skin as it will turn more sensitive so it can get easily affected by the harmful rays from sun. In order to protect from those rays have to make use of pregnancy sunscreen.
  • Through using sunscreen can prevent from skin cancer.
  • It also act as shield for the skin as it helps to get rid of discoloration and helps to stay from other pregnancy related issues which can be worsen due to the sun exposure.
  • As the skin will be more sensitive during pregnant can get easily affected by melasma and other hyper pigmentation issues because of sun exposure whereas by using sunscreen can prevent from it.
  • Through using sunscreen at the time of pregnancy helps to get the required amount of sun exposure safely without causing any problems.

Which type of sunscreen is best to use while pregnant?

Sunscreen of two types are physical and chemical blockers whereas from these two physical blockers are good to use in pregnancy. Physical blockers made by the mixture of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which acts as a great barrier for UV rays. Even when choosing the sunscreen of physical blockers need to have some considerations. It is good to choose the broad-spectrum sunscreen because it protects from both UVA and UVB rays from sun.

Look for the ingredients used in the sunscreen and it is best to avoid the one that contains oxybenzone and other harmful substances. Prefer the one that has minimum SPF 30 or more so that can get better protection from the sun exposure. Choose the physical sunscreen that made from sourcing the natural minerals and all other ingredients which has to be present. Shop and apply the best sunscreen of pregnancy in right amount to be safe in the exposure of sunlight.

Which is the best sunscreen to use during pregnancy?

Earth Mama Organics Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40

This pregnancy-safe sunscreen will be a perfect option for sensitive skin. This product has no chemicals and nano-particles which cause damage to coral reefs also it is a fragrance-free lotion. It is made only from organic ingredients so it is highly safe to use at the time of pregnancy and offers best protection to the skin from the UV rays. It is also water resistant.

ISDIN Eryfotina Actinica Ultralight Emulsion

Are you planning to spend vacation on the beach but being pregnant worried as how to stay under the sun then no need to worry about it by having this lotion in hand. This will be a great choice to use in regular while hanging out in beach as this sunscreen completely mineral based and no presence of chemicals. It has SPF 50 coverage so it won’t allow the harmful rays from the sun to affect you. Even it is helpful to restore the sun damage caused previously as it contains DNA repairing ingredients and vitamin E as well. Using this sunscreen while pregnant will be helpful to get rid of skin damage that can cause due to sun exposure.

EltaMD UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44

Looking for the pregnancy sunscreen then this will be the best one. This product has no chemicals, paraben, gluten, fragrance, dye and there is no substance that cause harm to skin. It is made from natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which will help to keep the skin hydrated and very safe under the sun.